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Babes Against The Machine w/NAILS ( A Nine Inch Nails Experience)

Awesome 90's double tribute night at the Siren! 2 bands, 1 hot show. Doors open 8pm, show 830 Empowered and unstoppable - Babes Against The Machine delivers the instantly-recognizable tunes, driving rhythms, and authentic hard rock-metal-funk style of Rage Against The Machine wrapped up in a mesmerizing stage show that keeps both casual viewers and the most [...]

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dada – Return to Dizz Knee Land Tour Feat: Kimmi Bitter

With their clean pop sound, catchy melodies, and clever lyrics, some journalists labeled Dada the Police of the '90s, although the trio wasn't as musically adventurous as that group. Nevertheless, the band's debut record, 1992's Puzzle, was an updated version of the polished guitar pop that the Police pioneered in the early '80s. On the strength of the single "Dizz [...]

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Flannel 101~ The Ultimate 90’s party rock band!

Providing an authentic 90s experience of high-energy rockin' tunes that make everyone wanna dance! Re-live the 90's! Just of the few artists that inspire us!! Nirvana , Pearl Jam , Green Day , Sublime, Chili Peppers Radiohead, No Doubt, 311, Oasis, Stone Temple Pilots The Offspring, Rage Against the Machine, Blink 182 Alanis Morisette, Fiona [...]

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