All four band members of Babes Against The Machine are seasoned, professional musicians who share a passion for the unbridled fiery intensity of Rage Against The Machine’s in-your-face music and the powerful universal messages spread throughout their lyrics.

Empowered and unstoppable – Babes Against The Machine delivers the instantly-recognizable tunes, driving rhythms, and authentic hard rock-metal-funk style of Rage Against The Machine wrapped up in a mesmerizing stage show that keeps both casual viewers and the most hardcore RATM fans dancing and singing along all night long.

Babes Against The Machine brings crunching metal riffs and machine-gun rapping to effectively recreate RATM’s familiar massive all-out sonic assault, from the intricate, groove-laden drum and bass lines of “Wake Up”, the band’s “how did they do that?”-frenetic guitar work in “Testify”, to the angry, passion-filled roars during the anthemic chorus of the crowd favorite, “Killing in the Name”.

Babes Against The Machine brings unmatched energy, style and passion to their live performances for audiences of all ages. Together, they are an irresistible force – drawing audience members in and leaving them panting for more.

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