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Providing an authentic 90s experience of high-energy rockin’ tunes that make everyone wanna dance! Re-live the 90’s!

Just of the few artists that inspire us!!
Nirvana , Pearl Jam , Green Day , Sublime, Chili Peppers
Radiohead, No Doubt, 311, Oasis, Stone Temple Pilots
The Offspring, Rage Against the Machine, Blink 182
Alanis Morisette, Fiona Apple, The Breeders, Veruca Salt and more!

To keep busy when they aren’t rocking 80s tunes with the Molly Ringwald Project, TMRP’s bassist Rob Cantrell and drummer LP Bertlesen decided to put together a full 90s tribute act. They reached out to the players they knew would not only play the music, but deliver each song with conviction and passion.
With a set list specifically crafted to energize every room the band plays, Flannel 101 is blowing off doors and leaving crowds satisfied but craving more.
Enlisting the incredible vocal talents of Jamie Green, top rhythm guitarist and vocalist Shawn McVicar, and shredding lead guitarist Jay Carlander, Flannel 101 is setting off on its one undeniable mission… bring the house down with the most undeniable tribute to one of the most undeniably important decades of music.



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