Pearl Jam is more than a band… More than a collection of generation defining rock anthems, and more than decades of epic concerts and sold out arenas.  More than all of this, Pearl Jam is a community – a place for people to come together, find common cause, and join in celebration.

This community is called “The Faithfull”

Our goal is to bring that community together by recreating the music, the energy, and the emotional intensity of a Pearl Jam show.  In addition to all the hits, we include b-sides, deep cuts, and songs from all eleven studio albums – and like Pearl Jam, we never play the same set list twice.  The Faithfull delivers a unique experience at every show, and the absolute closest thing possible to an actual Pearl Jam concert.

But to do that, we need you – The Faithfull – to join us.


Nikki Lane Taylor (drums, vocals) and Chaz Leon (vocals, guitar) decided to form a band that would both challenge them as musicians and offer fans something the music world desperately needs: A worthy tribute to the almighty rock legends, Soundgarden!

What sets Black Daze apart? 

First and foremost, Black Daze performs the music of Soundgarden! Many tribute acts will pay homage to the legendary Chris Cornell, playing the majority of hits from Chris’ other bands, but only play a handful of well known songs by Soundgarden. Black Daze goes the extra mile to analyze and perfect the music from all eras of Soundgarden, playing the hits as well as deep cuts from the entire catalogue ranging from the SST/Subpop 80s through Soundgarden’s incredible comeback in the 2010s.

From mastering intricate time signatures, recreating exact tones, using identical instruments and equipment the band used in their heyday, Black Daze brings the most authentic experience you can get to Soundgarden in their prime! They capture the look, feel, and attitude of classic Soundgarden, which is not an easy task! Stomping, screaming, and ripping the guts out of their respective instruments, Black Daze will deliver an explosive and powerful live show that will surely melt your face off!

So grab your flannel and your doc martens and get ready to rock out to Black Daze – the Ultimate Soundgarden Tribute!

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