Hailing from Long Beach, California, Manuel the Band blurs the lines between rock, pop, and jam music, creating a warm, wide-ranging sound that’s every bit as diverse as the group’s Southern California stomping grounds.

Rooted in the savvy songwriting of frontman Manuel Grajeda, it’s a sound that makes room for electric guitar, pedal steel, a two-piece horn section, and deep-set rhythms. A sound that aims not only for the head and the heart, but also for the dancing shoes. Nowhere does that sound pack a bigger punch than on 2021’s Things That Can’t Be Seen, whose songs of love, loss, and personal growth find Manuel the Band putting a personal spin on the universal experiences we all share. Some of these experiences can’t be seen… but they can be heard, turning this album into a soundtrack for the ups and downs of modern-day relationships.

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