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Doors open at 7pm, 21+ (3 bands)


The Portland, OR based quartet TENTS has created amazing new music in their latest single “Back Yards”. After taking a hiatus from recording and making new music to start a family and work in their music production business, couple Amy and Brian Hall decided to form a band that included friend Chris Hall (no relation) and Josh Brine.  It is from this incarnation that “Back Yards” was born.

TENTS has written a lush pop song with subtle harmonies that paints a pictures of home with lyrics set in the past and present.  The lyrics set in the past have a regretful tone (“I remember when my body was a racehorse…”).  The lyrics set in the present have a more hopeful vibe (“Momma’s in the back yard singing so sweet…”) and give a nod to the more simple things that make us happier as we experience life.

The Bogeys:

Birthed from Cal Poly students and Whole Foods workers, the Bogeys provide a new type of alternative pop heavily inspired by the central coast culture of San Luis Obispo, where they reside. They reminisce on the sounds of 80’s synth pop while creating a sound that pays homage to 60’s surf rock.

Arthur Watership:

Over time laced with an array of musical influences and experiences, Arthur Watership has cultivated a unique sound and style that is often compared to Kate Bush, Tori Amos and Scout Niblet. Arthur Watership is the name given to the spirit that comes from the passion in performance; the ghost at the helm of life’s journey. Arthur Watership songs are centered around a love of nature and a longing to return to it, and the human mishaps that bring us back. The band is built of a small and sturdy crew of musicians on a variety of instruments ranging from pedal steel to the rare Viola da Gamba.