Wand is an American psychedelic rock band from Los Angeles, California, United States, formed in 2013. The band consists of Cory Hanson (vocals, guitar), Sofia Arreguin (synth, vocals), Robert Cody (guitar), Lee Landey (bass) and Evan Burrows (drums).

Since their formation, the band has released five albums in five years: Ganglion Reef (2014), Golem (2015), 1000 Days (2015), Plum (2017) and Laughing Matter (2019).

Prior to forming Wand, vocalist and guitarist Cory Hanson performed under the moniker W.H.I.T.E. Hanson also played guitar with Mikal Cronin, and in the bands together PANGEA, and Meatbodies.[3] Working on the songs that would become the band’s debut album, Ganglion Reef, Hanson subsequently re-recorded his material after forming Wand with former art school classmates Lee Landey and Evan Burrows: “[I] found a band, and we re-recorded everything and then just started playing… really intensely.” Regarding the band’s name, Hanson noted: “We wanted a name that was kind of empty, like a wand is more of an idea, like a magical tool; it’s a means, a vessel to execute a superhuman thing.”

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