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It’s an epic journey like nothing you’ve ever seen!  The Surface Walkers is a Sci-Fi Rock Opera, a psychedelic rock theatrical experience, created right here in Morro Bay.  You’ll journey with us through a futuristic tale of love, war, betrayal and redemption, as our band performs 2 acts of 100% original rock music, with influences of funk, progressive rock, metal and electronic dance music, flooding your senses with visual art and immersive soundscapes.  You’ll dance, laugh, cry and even howl like a wolf as we take you into a radioactive future imprisoned in bio domes, where an exiled young woman must join an evolved tribe of superhumans – living inside of Mt. Shasta – to save the Earth from the global elite…and gets a little help from ancient aliens, some magical mushrooms, and a mysterious pack of wolves.

The Surface Walkers is a night to remember, a time warp into another dimension, an evolving cult classic that will send you home singing new songs and vibed up to put down your phone and go save the planet!

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