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An amazing night of music with the Charities and The Honey Boys. Dance tunes supplied by way of soul, funk, rock and latin jazz influences!
-Doors open at 7:30pm (21+) Seating and tables are limited and on a first come first serve basis. Food is served from the Siren kitchen throughout the show. Tix available here, $10 at the door.
The Charities are on a mission to bring their twist on funk and soul music to the ears of the world. They are a band of 6 brothers from Hermosa Beach, California. Bonded not by blood, but by their love for each other and the music they create. Their music draws influence from funk, soul, Motown, jazz, disco, R&B, jamband music and even rock n’ roll. It’s a melting pot of groovy intentions. On an individual level, their roots and influences range even further. Taking an improvisational approach to live shows gives The Charities an opportunity to blend these influences in an organic way that is always unique to each moment. The exchange of energy between the audience and the band builds into an experience that cannot be expressed in the studio. That is not to imply any distaste for the recording process, however. Wherever they have found themselves dwelling, they have built their own recording studio and utilized their collection of analog equipment to capture their musical adventures. Their latest studio work and first official EP, Alma, came out of their converted garage space in Manhattan beach, CA. After recording, producing, mixing, and mastering Alma, The Charities waved farewell to their hometowns in SoCal and relocated to a ranch near San Luis Obispo to start a new chapter as a band and grow tighter as a family. This bunch of pals has assembled to bring the world a musical vision that calls out to the listener to shake their booty and enjoy their life. As the band begins touring to wider reaches of the country and releasing more music, the ability to join in the fun is becoming easier and easier. Be on the lookout for new tour dates and come catch us at The Troubadour in LA on July 27th! The good times with The Charities are only just beginning!

Although Honeyboys originally saw COVID-19 as a setback, it actually became a boon, allowing the group more time to focus on recording and producing their music. Always the optimists, Honeyboys used their time away from performing to make a collection of their strongest songs to date, including their quarantine-produced single “One Another,” out March 5th. This marks their second release of 2021, and the final sneak peek into the Honeyboys debut EP, laying the groundwork for a collection of songs sharing the same ambition.

The band plans to return to performing as soon as possible, but they admit this time has been instrumental for defining their identity as a group. As the new year begins, Honeyboys is undoubtedly hopeful about the future. “Our goal is just to make a living doing what we love and make people happy when they listen to our stuff,” Ari explains. “We’re looking forward to all that’s ahead.”