Blending elements of acoustic blues, vintage soul, and conscious hip-hop into a mixture that’s expressive yet deeply personal, Son Little is the alias of Aaron Livingston, a singer, instrumentalist, and songwriter who divides his time between his own music and collaborations with others. On his first album, 2015’s Son Little, the music was a challenging mixture of soul and R&B grooves with a classic bent filtered through a production that mixed the elements like a hip-hop producer would assemble a beat. 2017’s New Magic was recorded after Livingston toured the debut album with a live band, and he gave the material a more natural and organic sound. 2020’s Aloha represented a middle ground, with Little playing nearly all the instruments but with an aim toward a naturalistic approach.

Moorea Masa has been singing since she could talk. Her voice has the power to move mountains, or to move grown men to tearsHer songs can transport listeners from lush green forests to dimly-lit juke joints. An Oregonian Native, Moorea has just released her debut solo EP “Oh Mother”, an album inspired by her surroundings, this year. 

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