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Rehab is an American Southern rock, country, and alternative hip hop band. The band has recorded seven albums, including two each for Epic Records and Universal Republic. They are mainly known for their 2000 hit, “Bartender Song (Sittin’ at a Bar)”. The group disbanded after a farewell tour in 2014. Rehab was originally formed as a trio: Denny Campbell (Steaknife), Danny (Boone) Alexander, and Jason Brooks (Brooks Buford). Danny Boone and Steaknife, both from Warner Robins, Georgia, were the rap group “Prime Suspect” Danny Boone and Brooks Buford, both recovering alcoholics and drug addicts. It is a common misbelief that they met at a rehab facility. The trio formed Rehab, literally a product of their namesake. Early on, they released their first album To Whom It May Consume produced by Steaknife and Brooks Buford. Soon after, Epic/Sony offered a record deal. Shortly before the record deal, Steaknife was incarcerated and the group continued on as a duo. Mashing rap with rock, the duo released their major label debut album, Southern Discomfort, in 2000 on the Sony label.
Cee-Lo, Goodie Mob, and Cody ChesnuTT were some of the guests on the album, which would spawn the Top 15 modern rock hit “It Don’t Matter.” Two years were spent on the road supporting the album, including a stint on the Warped Tour, and then the duo splintered. Boone retained the name and recruited four veteran musicians for a new Rehab. Now a quintet with Boone as the lone singer/rapper—and also using his birth name, Danny Alexander—Rehab signed with Arshid Entertainment and released the ambitious Graffiti the World in 2005. Over the next few years, a cut from their debut album, “Sittin’ at a Bar,” would turn into a jukebox favorite. The Epic label got wise, re-released their debut album and renamed it Sittin’ at a Bar, all without the band’s permission. To fight this unauthorized reissue the band re-recorded its now famous drinking song and renamed it “Bartender Song.” This version would end up on a 2008 version of Graffiti the World released by the major label Universal.

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