Presented by (((FOLKYEAH!!))) French duo whoa breezy, uplifting pop music that draws from space age pop, novelty music, and the classic sounds of their homeland.

The whimsical French pop-loving band Pearl & the Oysters moved from France to Florida to California; wherever Joachim Polack and Juliette Davis might end up their endearingly retro, sweetly sentimental songs and sound is likely to follow. Using a kitchen sink’s worth of instruments, calling in sympathetic musicians, and showing off a very light melodic sensibility, the band’s first two albums are breezy and delightful space age pop. 2021’s Flowerland was the last record, fittingly nostalgic and summery, made before they decamped to California, where they picked right up woith the even breezier-sounding Coast 2 Coast in 2023.

Dog Party! Catchy melodies, tight harmonies, fuzz pedals and big drums; what more could you possibly want
in a rock and roll band? Formed in 2007 by sisters Gwennie and Lucy Giles, the duo draws influence from the classic sounds of the Ramones as well as contemporaries Ty Segall to synthesize their own unique style. Careful listeners will also notice a nod to bands like Cub and Tiger Trap, the former of Sacramento, CA lineage as well.

Duo female performers of dogparty press image


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