Parker Barrow is a band based in Nashville, Tennessee, consisting of Drummer/Songwriter Dylan Turner and Front Woman Megan Kane. The duo is known for their blues-infused Southern Rock n’ Roll music. Heavily influenced by the Black Crows, The Allman Brothers, Tedeschi Trucks Band and Whiskey Myers, the band loves to jam and includes an infusion of the blues with every arrangement. This down to earth duo flies high on stage and works hard to take you along on the flight. Built on an instant connection, the band’s name pulls inspiration from the infamous partners in crime Bonnie Parker and Clyde Barrow; Kane and Turner wanted to channel the iconic energy of being a dynamic duo into their music, but rather than on the run from the law, they’re on the run towards their rock ‘n’ roll dreams.
With a goal to bring back the “classics,” The Soda Crackers — a five-piece band whose average age barely cracks the 30-something barrier — are in full swing these days. Make that — full Bakersfield Sound with a nice helping of Western Swing thrown in as a side dish of sorts.
What started as a group of Southern Californian musicians — all with other “day jobs” — gathering in garage jam sessions turned into their first paid performance in April 2021 for a slot at the “Western Swing Out Weekender” in Tehachapi, the mountain community just east of the home to The Bakersfield Sound.

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