Who are The Mother Corn Shuckers? Entertaining audiences throughout CA for 10 years with their refreshing upbeat original music they call “BeerGrass”, The Shuckers ROCK!

The Mother Corn Shuckers are a 7 piece Americana, Bluegrass, Country Jam Band located on the Central Coast of California. They have been entertaining audiences throughout California since 2010 with their refreshing upbeat original music they call “BeerGrass”. Their music will get you on your feet dancing and smiling no matter what age you are. Take a listen and enjoy.

The Carolyn Sills Combo is an award winning five piece country & western band from Santa Cruz, CA. Lead singer and bassist, Carolyn Sills, writes songs with vivid lyrics, one moment sweet with nostalgia, the next playful humor, inspired by cowboy storytelling ballads, Cindy Walker’s heartfelt country and poetry from the likes of EE Cummings and Robert Service,.

With their many western swing awards and nominations, one would think they have The Carolyn Sills Combo pegged, but that’s just the tip of the iceberg. From their critically acclaimed Marty Robbins-inspired album ‘Return to El Paso’ to their spaghetti western anthems, country rock numbers or twin harmony instrumentals, The Combo has a large repertoire of music suitable for festival stages or intimate club/house concert dates.

The Carolyn Sills Combo is gearing up to release their fourth album in 2023, with new tales of the Yukon gold rush, baseball history, mustachioed Cowboy motorcyclists and #2 pencils, told by their dueling guitar and steel leads and three part vocal harmonies.

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