Awesome classic rock double tribute night at the Siren!

Two of the best bands to come from the 70’s. check out an amazing Allman Brothers celebration, followed by a ROCKING, ALL FEMALE Aeromsmith tribute! One night, two hot bands!


These guys are coming off a PACKED show at the Siren in Morro Bay last summer; Influenced by the Allman Brothers Band, drummer Dan Jimenez brought together the Midnight Rider Band consisting great musicians with over 30 years of experience and passion for classic rock.

The Midnight Rider Band members includes Dan Jimenez, Louie Ruiz, William Mclung, Roy Quick, Dave Clark, Noel Deis, and Johnny Zimmerman. To find out more about each individual band memeber, click on their bio.

Rising quickly through the tribute ranks, RagDolls has garnered the type of critical acclaim – in the span of a few years – that takes most tributes years to achieve.  Delivering energetic and powerful performances, RagDolls dig deep into the soul of America’s greatest rock and roll band. If imitation is the greatest form of flattery, then it is blatantly clear that these women capture the essence of Aerosmith out of a love for the music and its energy. Their ultimate goal: to leave audiences feeling like they’ve experienced the real thing.

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