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The 37 year-old Costa has a lot of music and artistic growth under his belt, particularly in the last six years. He was 21 when he made his first EP, having immersed himself in music after a bad skateboard landing sidetracked what might have been a pro career. Coming out of that world, he had a punk side, but also became enamored of Scottish folk, and Brian Jones’ guitar style in the Rolling Stones.

“One of my first shows that I played was with a band that was all about things like At The Drive-In,” he remembers. “I went up there with my acoustic guitar and played like a Pixies song, and a Donovan song, and then an original of mine. And I remember thinking, What am I? Do I even belong here?” But at no point did he ever think, “Okay, I’m just going to be a guy with a guitar. I always heard bigger arrangements.”

He began his career on Jack Johnson’s Brushfire Records, where both his 2006 debut, ​Songs We Sing, ​and 2008’s ​Unfamiliar Faces ​were produced by No Doubt’s Tom Dumont. Costa produced 2010’s ​Mobile Chateau himself, while 2013’s self-titled effort brought him to Scotland, where producer Tony Doogan (Beck, Air) assembled a backing band drawn from the ranks of Belle and Sebastian. In 2013, he began a several year period of restless wandering, working on soundtracks such as the 2017 documentary Orange Sunshine ​and releasing short EPs experimenting with different aspects of his artistry. Then, in 2018 with ​Santa Rosa Fangs, ​he found a new home at Dangerbird. The record, a winding story about a family of characters in Northern California, was a rebirth of sorts and a second act to a long and storied career.