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Left on Tenth is group of friends who started playing music together on 10th Ave. in Bozeman, MT in 2016. They share a passion for playing live music and creating a fun, enjoyable atmosphere. Their music manifests itself into a variety of genres from funky groves, to hard driving rock, to reggae inspired tunes, to slower sensual ballads. Since nothing is off the table every Left on Tenth show is a little different, but always guaranteed to be a blast for those in the crowd as well as on the stage.

The main goal of their show is to have the most fun possible. Since 2016 in Bozeman, LOT cut their teeth playing in the music scene around southcentral Montana. In April 2020, the band relocated to Portland and got to work producing their own D.I.Y. album ‘Live @ Colonel Blacks’ as an ode to the fun days that shaped the band’s early jam-band sound. After the reopening of the city post-Covid the band jumped head first into the PDX scene and played when and where ever they could. In 2022 the band played well over 100 shows, with many weeks having more than 4 nights in a row of all-original content. Lately, the band has been refining their sound, experimenting with the lineup, and getting into the studio to record a new EP with an album on the horizon. Left on Tenth has toured all across the West, played private events for outdoor companies like The North Face and Brooks. From weddings, to festivals, to public parks, to theaters, to dive bars, Left on Tenth is ready to supply tunes and smiles.

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