TAKE A JOURNEY BACK IN TIME AND REVISIT STEVE PERRY & NEIL SCHON FOR AN EXPLOSIVE PERFORMANCE OF JOURNEY CLASSIC HITS! (Plus Frampton hits!) This one sold out in summer of 2023 so don’t wait too long to get your tickets!

JOURNEY: Voted TOP PRO JOURNEY TRIBUTE These 5 talented musicians together truly bring the best version of a tribute to Journey with their top-notch musical talent, image and hi-energy stage performance. Unlike many other Journey tribute bands, ESCAPE is 100% LIVE, with NO BACKING TRACKS or ‘sweeteners’ of any kind. This is possible because four of the members have extensive experience as lead singers in other bands, and the band tirelessly spends countless hours perfecting their trademark four-part harmony blend. Playing 100% live allows the band to extend or condense songs and adjust tempos to match the vibe of the crowd at that moment, and of course Journey music simply doesn’t feel right with a click track. ESCAPE has been performing all over the North America – including over 30 states in the USA – to sold-out crowds and multiple encores for over 25 years. The band has opened for America, Europe, Firefall, Dokken, Skid Row, Warrant, Rocklahoma, Y&T, Eric Martin, Steven Pearcy, LA Guns, Jackyl and Survivor among others, has performed backing tracks for TV shows, and even played on Entertainment Tonight (ET). You do not want to miss this!

FRAMPTON: Jeff Ellis is known all over the United States for his exhilarating performance on guitar, he knows how to keep the audience entertained and wanting more.

This new show will be great for your venue and make for a successful event. You want the best? You are getting the best right here with award winning guitarist Jeff Ellis.

You don’t see this on the circuit because it is a hard act to do, but for Jeff it is an honor to be performing Frampton’s greatest hits on guitar and vocally plus bringing the show live for the World to see with a full band and his famous acoustics songs as seen in this video.

As of 2022 Peter Frampton retired due to an incurable health issue to his muscles and his last show in the U.S. was 2018. His fans are begging for a Frampton show and it is way over due.

This show is also going to bring new fans to his music and your venue. This is a hit!!!! Believe me you are going to love this show!

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