AN ELECTRIFYING. PSYCHEDELIC. EXPERIENCE! Emerging as one of the most in demand bands on the tribute scene, Los Angeles based ELECTRICO is a RARE and GROOVY, high OCTANE, high DECIBEL, high ENERGY celebration to the music of the ‘Electric Gypsy’ JIMI HENDRIX. ELECTRICO is not an ‘impersonator’ act but rather 3 world class musicians who are passionate about bringing the recorded music of Jimi Hendrix to life on the big stage. ELECTRICO dives into his catalog of recorded songs from ‘The Jimi Hendrix Experience’ to his ‘Band Of Gypsys’. Doing their blistering versions of classic songs such as Purple Haze, Foxy Lady, Manic Depression, Fire, VooDoo Child and Hey Joe, ELECTRICO really is a band that needs to be ‘EXPERIENCED’. Founded by veteran, powerhouse drummer Jason M Tobosa, the trio is ignited by heavyweight guitarist JP Cervoni (The Buddy Miles Band, Ace Frehley) and bassist/vocalist Princeton Arnold. Tom McMillan of L.A. Today writes, “ELECTRICO recreates Hendrix’s psychedelic, on stage vibration and will resonate with all JIMI HENDRIX fans. These guys are the real deal.”

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