For the past five years, Dos Santos have been blending a vibrant amalgamation of cumbia, salsa, jazz, psych rock, and Mexican folk.


The Chicago quintet — which includes members Alex Chavez, Peter Vale, Daniel Villarreal-Carrillo, Jaime Garza, and Nathan Karagianis — have masterfully synthesized their penchant for disrupting and transforming the conventions of genre in their newest LP, Logos released this June on the Chicago-based label International Anthem Recording Co.

To be able to invite versatile, stylistic dissonance into a collaborative project and come out the other end with an impressively cohesive whole is no small task — and, in the case of Logos, the pay off is great. The exceptionally energetic 11-track release proves that the group is on an exciting trajectory as musical visionaries in a social moment so often mired by inflammatory discourse about where our borders, physically and ideologically, begin and end in this country. KEXP was lucky enough to sit down with all five members of Dos Santos to chat about the evolution of their newest album, how improvisation serves as a touchstone for their creative process, and what they’re learning from sharing their music with an ever-expanding audience.

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