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Doors open at 7:30pm!

Using a classic rock combo of drums, bass, two electric guitars, and keyboard the band combines lyric driven structures with wide-open areas for spontaneity and daring. The songs themselves tell stories of characters living in a small beachy town in a forgotten piece of California where pelicans fly in the sunrise and bank robbers race through the coastal range at night. Since the tempos and styles of their compositions jump from laid back grooves to New Orleans to train beats to funk…they are hard to nail down into one category. Shane’s songwriting has diverse influences from Paul Simon, Dire Straits, Allman Brothers, Lucinda Williams, Lightning Hopkins, and JJ Cale. Yet, there is nothing derivative about them—they sound unique and have their own Baywood flavored sound.

Band Lineup:

Shane Stoneman—Guitar and vocals, cal poly graduate (English), surfboard shaper by day and songwriter by night, married father of two, black lab owner, regular foot, Aquarius.

Zac Cornejo— Drums, but also excels at guitar and bass, sings in the band Control Z, encyclopedic knowledge of all things bmx bike related, nudist, Pitbull owner (she’s super sweet!), Virgo. Influences—Meters, Phish, Zappa

Adam Bauman—Bass, cal poly graduate (soil science), wine maker, bad joke teller, card carrying deadhead, owner of redbone coon-hound, regular foot, Libra. Influences—Grateful Dead, Rush, Little Feat

Bob Cooper—Guitar, cal poly graduate (soil science), married father of two, guitar gear freak and tinkerer, can ride a bike doing a wheelie for many street blocks, has a fake tooth but no pets, goofyfooter, Cancer. Influences—the Grateful Dead, MMW, Stevie Wonder, Led Zeppelin

Thomas “Toes” Cuff—Keyboard, wears a wizard beard, has encyclopedic knowledge of guitar pedals and popular songs…and funk songs…and so many more things, father of one, cat owner, Capricorn. Influences: Guy Arrostuto (his piano teacher), all the musicians he’s played with, and his daughter.