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Morro Bay Car Show weekend! FREE SHOW! 21+

R&B, Soul, Tex-Mex, Funk, Blues, Rock, Latin… “Shaky Groundz” plays just good Ol’ dance music!

30 Golfing friends that golf every Wednesday discover some musical talent among themselves and the next thing said ..Let’s Jam”…What started as a jam sessionĀ turn into “Shaky Groundz” As every musician knows it takes the right chemistry and members to make it work and this group of guys and our new edition our lady Karen works well, it wasn’t easy getting here but we are here “Shaky Groundz” goal musically.is to be different musically than the groups you hear around the Santa Maria area,and surrounding cities. Back in the day, if you can relate, sometimes the B-side was as good or better than the A-side. We like to be the ones that play a song that you totally forgotten from back in the day and suddenly you say to yourself…..Man, I Loved that song !!!…. along with a few originals we wrote we play R&B,Soul,Tex-Mex,Funk,Blues,Rock, Latin “Shaky Groundz” plays just good Ol’ dance music. As we see our fan base growing and growing at each performance “Shaky Groundz” has found the niche in the music that people enjoy dancing to and hearing……our audiences are enjoying the difference in music that we play… Why ? Because we play it … “Shaky Groundz Style” If you took the time to read this …”We Thank You” …Now come join us for a evening of fun and music