“NEARVANA” the “Ultimate Nirvana Experience” is an incredible re-creation of the rock band NIRVANA which emulates Kurt Cobain and the group at the height of their popularity, and clearly demonstrates what a ferocious live force they were.

Complete with all the looks, outfits, stage theatrics and sound… Nearvana gives you a high energy simulation of being at a Live Nirvana concert.

NEARAVANA is the FIRST and ONLY Nirvana Tribute to have met the three surviving members of the band. We have the approval and support of Dave Grohl, Krist Novoselic, and Pat Smear!

NEARVANA is the only Nirvana Tribute to be asked to play the historic D&R Theater in Kurt Cobain’s home town of Aberdeen, WA, and was introduced by the head of The Kurt Cobain Memorial Foundation. We also have had the pleasure of meeting Leland Cobain, Kurt’s Grandfather.

NEARVANA plays songs from all stages of Nirvana’s career, and includes songs off every major recording, plus many lesser known bootlegs, imports, and rarities.