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FREE SHOW, 8pm 21+

Nada Rasta began, not as the Central Coast’s favorite Reggae/Rock band, but as a family of feral children raised by coyotes in the eastern Paso Robles water basin. Living off the harsh California environment, only the strongest survive, so after feeding off the corpses of their enemies, this bloodthirsty brotherhood took to marauding up and down the West Coast, pretending to be a reggae band and using pseudonyms. “Ruben” took the role of lead vocalist. “Paul” and “Keelay” pretended they could play guitar. The bass player got so ambitious he used the name “Reverend Rudie Bonefinger,” and “Troy”couldn’t stop hitting things with sticks, so they made him the drummer. To this day, the sixth member, “Natty Dread” is stationed behind a keyboard during performances for everyone’s safety.
After being away on a secret mission fighting zombie Nazis, under secret orders from an unnamed government agency, these proud members return as San Luis Obispo County local heroes. Next time you have a chance to see a live performance of Nada Rasta, TAKE IT!!! It may be the last time you will have a chance to check out these savage brutes before they have to leave and save the world again. But keep your distance. They can smell fear.