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FREE SHOW 8-11pm! Happy 4th of JULY!

Growing up in the South London music scene of the 1960’s I played the same venues as local favorites such as the Rolling Stones, The Who, The Yardbirds, The Kinks etc. Perhaps there was something in the water that produced so many great guitarists in such a small area, Jeff Beck lived just a mile away Jimmy Page, Peter Frampton & Eric Clapton all grew up within 20 miles as did David Bowie & later on Billy Idol. In 1972 I signed a record deal with Decca records UK label & with London Records in New York my first 45 single was titled “Inside a Hole” which incidentally is being re released this July on a Cherry Red Records compilation boxed set entitled “Separate Paths Together”!  I was fortunate enough to tour Europe & the USA throughout the 70’s playing with or supporting major acts that included Jethro Tull, The Faces, David Bowie and even Andy Williams! As the 70’s drew to a close I focused more on building a career as a session musician until I moved permanently to the USA in January 1981 to seek prosperity in other fields but still emerging from time to time to play gigs throughout the west coast. I have now committed to a regular live performance schedule with my new band “London Dave & the Fog” which features many of the songs that I grew up playing in 1960’s/70’s England, a number of my original compositions plus some really good arrangements of old favorites.