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They’ve been called a band for all occasions and a friend to the weekend party warrior. They are Bakersfield’s Blonde Faith, one of a number of hard-working music outfits bringing the best of the jukebox to area watering holes, community and corporate events.

Interested in getting a live music fix with no frills attached? Lead vocalist Tamera Mahan says you’ve come to the right band.

“We cannot be lumped into a specific genre of music. If it’s good music and people enjoy it, we will perform it.”

I can recall discovering the name “Blonde Faith” circulating on local music calendars around the time of the band’s formation in 2007. The name is mostly in honor of British rock legends Blind Faith, while the “Blonde” references Mahan’s hair color.

“We actually play a variety of music styles but we do tend to go towards what is liked in the clubs and at private parties. And to please our audience the best we can,” she said.

This bluesy soul sister has no qualms about the band’s commitment to rockin’ and rollin’ at a power outlet near you. Mahan is joined on stage by guitarist and husband Kevin Mahan, guitarist Tim Stonelake, drummer Gary Morgan, and bass player Anthony Chavez. No need to overthink having a good time.